LOSE WEIGHT GAIN SHAPE blends ancient wisdom with modern science to give you a better understanding of the process of transformation.THE 28-DAY TRANSFORMATION PLAN includes engaging recreational workouts (YO WORKOUTS), food science with cosmic nutrition and simple meditation experiences that will align you and synchronise your biological circadian unit rhythm, harmonising with a geomagnetic universal rhythm to achieve a healthy state of being. So if you want to LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN SHAPE quickly, grab this book that will turn you into a magician of your own being. Go through the exhilarating experience of day-to-day transformation and get yourself a vibrant and radiant life!

Co-Publisher: Westland Publications Limited & Popular Prakashan

No. Of Pages: 228

Year Of Publication: 2019

ISBN: 978-9388689731

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Dimensions 21.6 × 14 × 1.45 cm