Hindu Social Organization: A Study of the Socio-Psychological and Ideological Foundations – Pandharinath H. Prabhu

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This comprehensive, systematic and integrated exposition of Hindu social psychology and institutions provides a vivid understanding of the difficult subject. The author has shown with remarkable clarity and lucidity how Hindu civilization has influenced society to form a distinct cultural pattern of its own. Hindu Social Organization has been received with acclaim by a number of very important social scientists in India as well as in Europe and America. It is not only a pioneering attempt but has remained unsurpassed till date. This edition bears proof of its eminence in retaining the foreword to the first edition of this book written by Dr S. Radhakrishnan.

ISBN: 978-9386042231

Co-Publisher: Sage Publications India Private Limited & Popular Prakashan

No. Of Pages: 272

Year Of Publication: 2014


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