Stories of Marketing in India – Anand Karandikar

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Marketing and Management

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The case studies in this book are mainly based on author Anand Karandikar’s experiences as a sales and marketing professional in India for over 45 years. The book is intended primarily for three groups:
– Those who are interested in understanding the working of the market in India.

– Sales and marketing managers and teachers of marketing management who would like to get a wider understanding of marketing in India.

– Students who are studying marketing as a part of their MBA program and are keen to know more than the minimum necessary for passing the examinations and giving interviews.
The case studies are Indian in all their aspects and are therefore very relevant to management education in the Indian milieu. Moreover, they present a 360-degree view of the reality of Indian business and therefore can be looked at from multiple angles.

ISBN: 9788195088263

No. of Pages: 278

Language : English

Year of publication: 2022


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