Pragraha : A Tweebook – A Compilation of Super 36 Tweets – Dr. Prachee Javadekar

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Marketing and Management

What is a Tweebook?
One knows of paperbacks and hard-bound books, even e-books. These are formats that present writing of a considerable length. A Tweebook, on the other hand, is a format which presents information in a shorter form. More specifically, it is a collation of content related to micro-blogging and its analysis.
One may ask, how can Twitter be a source of inspiration? Firstly, it is an extremely popular social media platform used to express opinions and share news. The use of hashtags has even become a valid form of grammar! Secondly, this site is used by people from all walks of life from all around the world. When certain personalities use this medium effectively, they are able to influence public opinion greatly.
A particular tweet on women empowerment struck Dr. Prachee Javadekar (the curator) as especially insightful and gave birth to the unique idea of a ‘Tweebook’ based on an in-depth analysis of Mr. Anand Mahindra’s tweets. She explored the process flow and methodology that she had in mind with Dr. Aditee N. Vaidya, and thus the format of the Tweebook emerged.
As Dr. Prachee Javadekar sensed that the tweets had an underlying academic perspective, she grouped the tweets into six broad categories. Eventually, these categories were built on the solid foundation of business management theories.
This book is a direct result of the increasing use of the internet and digitization, which epitomizes this era. This is the first-ever endeavour at developing a Tweebook by Dr. Aditee N. Vaidya, and the hope is that this format becomes as popular and readily available as other traditional book forms.

ISBN No: 9788179919774

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Language: English

Cover: Paperback

Year Of Publication: 2020

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