Men can cook? Or can men cook, that is the question? Karen Anand says yes. Men make the best chefs, yes they cook really well but only when they are paid for it.

Karen Anand in her book ‘Simple Cooking for Smart Men’ decides to take upon herself the challenge of creating recipes and putting together a sort of ‘how to’ manual for smart men interested in finding their way into the kitchen. She gives men simple recipes – the kind of food they miss whilst living on their own; recipes which can be prepared much in advance; recipes to wine and dine your boss, your girlfriends etc.

She shares with us what smart men should know; the budget of the meal, the time it would take, etc. The recipes in the book are simple and quick to make. Recipes with which you can whip up a cool dinner and impress your women.

ISBN No: 9788179912256

No. Of Pages: 192

Language: English

Cover: Paperback

Year Of Publication: 2005

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