Myth And Reality: Studies In The Formation Of Indian Culture – Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi


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This book is based on a profound study of literary sources and carefully planned -fieldwork which throws fresh and novel light on the origins and development of Indian culture. Professor Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi has raised, analysed and solved questions of vital importance to all those interested in the study of Indology such as the data of Karle Caves; the background of Kalidasa’s plays; the significance of the great Pandharpur pilgrimage; and the economic, cultural and historical basis of the Goan struggle for union with India and others. The work is most refreshing in its range of material as presented for the first time. The author makes impressive use of scientific methods in many fields–archaeology, ethnography, philology and others. The logically consistent and intensely stimulating analyses and conclusions are often startling but always convincing and undeniably important as a landmark in the study of Indian tradition.

ISBN: 978-9386042262

Co-Publisher: Sage Publications India Private Limited & Popular Prakashan

No. Of Pages: 160

Year Of Publication: 2016

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