Meera & Me: Love Songs of Meerabai – Sanjeevani Bhelande

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“Sanjeevani’s identification with Meera is phenomenal. Singing Meera, she transcends into Meera. I wonder if I should seek her blessings or bless her for this spiritual effort!”
– Gulzar

“The perfume of Meera’s spirit lives in the songs that Sanjeevani sings, in the sweet richness of her voice. Come, breathe deep, and experience the sheer beauty and elation that true devotion can bring. “
– Mahesh Bhatt

Indian singer Sanjeevani Bhelande is completely ‘Meerafied’! Drawing inspiration from Meera’s ‘magan bhaav’ (an engrossed state of being), Sanjeevani gets completely immersed in her singing. When she dances with abandon, she experiences Meera’s ‘anandbhaav’ (a joyous state of being). In her oneness with Nature, she feels Meera’s ‘prem bhaav’ (feeling pure love).

Meera is Sanjeevani’s passion and mission. She wants the world to sing Meera. Her ‘songslations’ (lyrical translations) capture the singable quality of the original lyrics. The music and lyrics are contemporary and the emotions perennial. A modern-day woman can easily connect with these poems. Sanjeevani has sung, recorded and shot videos of some of these songs in an eponymous music album featuring Sanjeevani herself. To the delight of music aficionados the book has embedded QR codes that are linked to these beautiful performances.

‘I’m soul not body’ (Maiin aatman hun, shareer nahin), says Meera. Sanjeevani wants every woman to feel empowered by Meera’s ‘mukt bhaav’ (free spirit). This book is her humble offering at the feet of Meerabai, the 500 year old ‘star’ saint! Here comes Meer a in her cool, global avatar!

ISBN: 978-81-956688-3-0

Number of pages: 96

Published Language: English

Publication Year: 2023