Bhatkhande’s Contribution To Music: A Historical Perspective – Sobhana Nayar

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One man of destiny to whom the highest credit goes for rescuing Indian Classical music from decadence, decline and extinction is Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande. At a great personal sacrifice and suffering, and inspired by only one aim, Bhatkhande throughout his life undertook the Herculean task of reviving Indian Classical music.
In the last few decades of the nineteenth century Bhatkhande found that the Indian Classical music, although it had a glorious history, had reached the bottom of degeneration and was looked down upon as unworthy, superfluous and vulgar, a subject fit for loafers and vagabonds.
Bhatkhande radically altered the scene and put music once again on its high pedestal.
Sobhana Nayar has attempted in this book an objective evaluation of Bhatkhande’s work in reviving Indian classical music.
Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande was a unique personality endowed with scholarship, creativity, poetic sensibilities, capacity for patience and hard work and devotion to the Indian musical tradition and above all humility. Bhatkhande began his work with a collection of hundreds of compositions from different gharanas, analysed them and formulated the theory of Indian music underlying these compositions. He also formulated an easy and expressive notation system for Hindustani music and introduced a new method of collective education in music and wrote textbooks and gave music the form and shape of an academic subject.
Pandit Bhatkhande’s contribution to Indian music is so great that anyone interested in Indian Classical music must read this book.

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