The Best of G. A. Kulkarni – G. A. Kulkarni

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G. A. Kulkarni occupies a pinnacle that is unique to him among Marathi short story writers. For over fifty years he has continued to fascinate readers, critics and fellow authors, and his magic shows no signs of waning.
Eminent critics have classed GA with world figures like Hemingway, Maupassant, and Chekhov, and expressed a keenly-felt need for his timeless writing to be translated and brought to wider audiences. This compilation of four of GA’s best-known stories rendered in English will fulfil that need at least partially. In it the reader will find the rich imagery that is a hallmark of GA’s style, a vast panorama of settings, situations and characters; adventure; mystery; a dauntless quest for truth and, underpinning it all, profound insights about life, choice and Fate.

Each of these gripping tales is by itself a tour de force and an odyssey in which the reader joins the protagonists in their exploration of self and destiny.
Bon voyage.

No. Of Pages: 152

Language: English

Year Of Publication: 2015

ISBN: 9788179918401

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