Inspector Angre and the Pizza Delivery Boy – Anu Kumar

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On a routine day, or so it seems to Inspector Angre, a young motorcyclist delivering pizzas dies in an accident on the Lower Parel flyover. Angre in the Mumbai traffic police has not exactly earned a good reputation for himself. He asks too many questions, is stubborn, and given to a studied vagueness… and all this has not endeared him either to politicians or his colleagues.
So when he notices a bullet injury on the dead motorcyclist’s neck, it makes him curious, and he begins poking around. But as one dot seems to lead to another, a spate of deaths follow and Angre, isolated within his own force, realises he is on his own. It is a thankless case to pursue, and matters are not helped when his own personal life is in turmoil. Is the search for truth a lonely, uncompromising one? Is the gunman Rawat, who Angre is chasing all over the place, the real villain or is it someone else altogether? And then, as Angre gets embroiled in the case, he understands that ‘truth’ can occupy a fuzzy space when friends turn into enemies overnight and your enemy could be the one whose help you one day come to need desperately.

ISBN No: 9788179917725

No. Of Pages: 274

Language: English

Cover: Paperback

Year Of Publication: 2013

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