Dr. Ambedkar: Life And Mission – Dhananjay Keer

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This book is a full-length, up-to-date and authentic biography of the great Indian scholar and statesman, leader and liberator and the Chief Architect of the Constitution of India, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. The author, Dr. Dhananjay Keer has endeavoured to cast a gripping light on his words, deeds and the motives from which they sprang. The book is based on several interviews of Dr. Ambedkar taken by the author and the final draft of the book was read, checked and approved by Dr. Ambedkar himself. He had also cleared some points in relation to some events. This has increased the authenticity of the book.
Although the life of Dr. Ambedkar, with all his sacrifices, struggles and scholarship, was chiefly devoted to liberating six crore people from their age-long bondage and bringing in a new era in the lives of those suppressed people, it is no less a glorious fight for ushering in India a social and economic democracy.
This biography is important from another point of view.
Dr. Ambedkar’s life is highly instructive to everyone who yearns for human dignity and equality in human relations in society. It provides a most inspiring example of what a man can achieve by his indomitable perseverance and great self-denial, even under the most depressing and destitute circumstances. Ambedkar’s eternal search for knowledge, his incredible industry and his unflinching aim with which he raised himself from the life of a social leper to the position of a constitution-maker, and his heroic struggles for raising the down-trodden to human dignity will constitute a golden chapter in the history of this nation and in the history of human freedom as well.

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