Baba Amte: A Vision of New India – Hans Staffner S.J.

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I believe that as a society we have to evolve, through experimentation, a system which combines the principles of individual freedom and common ownership. A true revolution is not destructive but creative. Only a revolution which leads to a higher sense of human dignity can lead to a higher and nobler way of life.
These are thoughts that led Baba Amte, undoubtedly one of the greatest humanists, to pursue his goals and transform his dreams into reality. The entire span of his life was dedicated to the service of those who are deprived in various ways.
The Anandwan project for leprosy patients, the Lok Biradari projects for tribals, the Knit India Movement, which was a reaction to the growing regionalism, communalism and casteism in India, the peace missions in Punjab, his participation in the Narmada Bachao Movement – all these depict the way in which Baba Amte was irresistibly drawn towards people who were afflicted and suffering.
Through this book we get a view of Baba Amte’s all-encompassing vision, to create a model for resurgent India. He provided both, the mechanism and the motivation for development through a variety of projects and his sole aim was the spread of peace and harmony.
This book is one way in which the author conveys his regard for the work done by Baba Amte. It is also an attempt to reach the sensitive reader who sympathises with these concerns and perhaps wants to participate at his own level.
Since Hans Staffner passed away while the third edition was in the process of completion, an appendix has been included, that would help us to get an updated overview.

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