Culinary Treasures of Marathwada – Mai Deshpande

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Marathi has always retained a distinctive culinary identity vis-a-vis the rest of Maharashtra. Marathwada cuisine is not as spicy as kolhapuri or khandeshi cooking, but neither is it bland. It has a delicate blend of spices which provide a delectable balance of flavour and heat, while emphasising the importance and necessity of whole foods in one’s diet – a skill marathwada women learn very early through experience and tradition. Culinary treasures of maratha by mai deshpande is a comprehensive compendium of over 240 vegetarian recipes from the region consisting of various categories like spice mixes; chutneys, pickles, and relishes; salads and grab flour curries; gravied legumes; vegetable dishes; gravied lentils, curries and side dishes; rice and assorted flatbreads; fried savouries; breakfast dishes; teatime treats; desserts; and festive and fasting treats. Discover the culinary gems like the essential and magical spice mix ka a la masala, crispy vaalkachya vadyaa, sour and intense hirvyaa chinchecha thecha, quick and tasty kaandyache pithle. Relish the lightly spiced hurdyaachi usal, mouth-watering kaanda-batata-tomatocha rassa, delectable bhendichi taak ghalun bhaaji, sweet and sour kataachi a a mt I, light and flaky khavyaachi poli, quick and easy mugaachya dalichi bhajji, sweet treats shrikhandachya wadyaa and gavhlyachi kheer, snack time delight kacchya pohyaacha chivda, and fasting special bhagarichi bhaakri, to name just a few. Culinary treasures of maratha has beautifully documented the quintessential essence of maratha cuisine and unveiled the delightful secrets of this simple, rich cuisine.

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