Brahmani Swayampaak: Culinary Secrets from a Deshastha Brahmin Kitchen – Vasudha Gawande

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Maharashtrian Brahmins are a community native to Maharashtra. They are further classified into Deshastha Brahmins and Kokanastha Brahmins. This book is mainly a collection of authentic recipes from a Deshastha Brahmin household. Simple, easy and nutritious recipes are the specialty of Brahmin cuisine. Retaining the flavour of the original ingredient, whether it’s a dal, vegetables or salads, is the main reason why these recipes are so unique in taste. Light and easy to digest, very few masalas areused in this cuisine.

It is important to archive these traditional recipes, so that the present and future generations can enjoy them. Be it a nuclear family where the parents are working, or a newlywed who has taken over the kitchen, this book will prove, without a doubt, to be very useful to everyone.

I hope it will be an essential and important kitchen aid for all, as it provides all the know-how and inspiration you need to create delicious recipes in your own kitchen.

ISBN: 978-81-948714-1-5

No of pages: 180

Year of Publication: 2023