The Cloister’s Pale – Aroon Tikekar

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Aroon Tikekar Any university is basically known by the achievements of its faculty and the students. The present work contains heart-warming accounts of the contributions of many a luminary who adorned our University, to the academic progress of exceptionally high order, and, by the same token, to national development.
A novel and indeed striking feature of this work is that, the author has skilfully portrayed the subtle creative interaction between the metropolis of Mumbai and its University through diverse phases of their development. This approach is based on the sound principle that ideals of education partake of the nature of the ideals of civilization at a given time. And indeed this approach has made his narrative as charming as it is revealing.
The author, an alumnus of the University of Mumbai has made it a point to extol the virtues of value-based liberal education which the University sought to impart right from its inception, with a view to building character in its pupils.
— An excerpt from the Foreword written by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vijay Khole

No. Of Pages: 430

Language: English

Year Of Publication: 1984

ISBN: 978-81-7991-293-5