G.O.A.T.S Must Be Crazy : Management Mantras from Sporting Greats – Vishnu Govind

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Sports can be exhilarating, entertaining and educative at the same time. An athlete might have a major victory today; but tomorrow, as they say, is another day! While your fluctuating fortunes on the field will bring you the highs and lows that come with it, they also teach you how to take the rough with the smooth, making you stronger while facing the challenges of life. This book delves into certain facets of the sporting journeys of a few amazing athletes, and the management lessons we can learn from them.
One-upmanship among fans is an undeniable aspect of sports. The battle for bragging rights among followers has led to the frequent use of the word ‘G.O.A.T.’ in their discourses as an acronym for the expression-Greatest of All Time. In popular sports like cricket and football there are eleven players who take the field at a time, and selection of a team of greats is a favourite pastime of devoted fans. What we have created here is one such assemblage of eleven sporting greats, with a twist though! This is not an All-time XI in the conventional sense, and the reason for the same will reveal itself as we go through the pages.

Each athlete profiled here serves as the epitome of a quality that a winning team needs in its members – whether you are talking about sports or business. There is something to learn from each one of them. This book can be explored for the management part, or for pure love for sports, or better still, for both!

ISBN No: 978-81-969198-8-7

No. Of Pages: 110

Language: English

Cover: Paperback

Year Of Publication: 2024