Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping [Shipping inside India]

    We use DHL (for International) and Gati (for national) Couriers as well as Indian Postal Services [Speed Post], depending upon the geographical location / shipping address as mentioned by the buyer while placing the order at our website. Each courier service has its own zones/ regions where they perform best in terms of delivery of the consignments. We can add and remove the courier agencies based on their ability to deliver goods.


    It usually takes 1 week to deliver consignments across India depending on the geographical locations and conditions. However, it takes longer time, in case of remote areas. International Shipping [Shipping outside India] We use DHL for international shipping. We ship the books all over the world, subject to the selling rights of the ordered books to the respective countries. Accordingly, our buyers may please ensure about the selling rights of the books before placing the order for them. Though the description of the books at our website also contains the selling rights; the buyers are free to email us to know about their selling rights. It takes around 4 to 15 business days to deliver the orders, depending on the geographical locations.


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