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पॉप्युलर रीतिपुस्तक

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Based on nearly 90 years’ and four generations’ experience, Popular book depot and Popular Prakashan have put considerable and deliberate efforts in producing this book. We have had the opportunity of working under the guidance of several experienced printers, proof readers and language experts to demonstrate the use of style in creating books, especially those in Marathi language.

The book has been written keeping in mind that Marathi publication does not have as many reference sources as English publication. This book has an in-depth and comprehensive discussion of the process of publishing from start to end along with some illustrative formats of the important tools used, wherever relevant.  This book is meant as a guiding tool for writers, printers, proof readers, editors as well as publishers.

Ramdas Bhatkal, the author of this book, and his colleague Mrudula Joshi have several decades of experience working in Popular Prakashan. 


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पॉप्युलर प्रकाशन

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