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Welcome to Popular Prakashan Private Limited, a company which has been in the book and publishing business for more than 89 years! A name synonymous with high-quality publishing in English and Marathi, Popular Prakashan is a pioneer in social sciences and medical publishing in India. Popular also has an extensive list of general books, cookery books and children’s books.

While sociologists G S Ghurye and A R Desai, historians D D Kosambi and Romila Thapar and political thinkers like Jayaprakash Narayan have laid the foundations of Popular’s social science programme, celebrity authors like Sanjeev Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan, Asha Khatau and Shobhaa De, among others, have added a new dimension to its oeuvre.
Our Marathi list includes icons like V V Shirwadkar, Vinda Karandikar, Vijay Tendulkar and Gangadhar Gadgil. We have set new standards for publishing in Marathi literature. A number of avant-garde authors in Marathi are ‘Popular’ discoveries!

What kind of proposals does Popular accept?
Popular accepts fiction proposals, both in English and in Marathi.
The non-fiction categories we work with are:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Biography
  • Medicine
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Cookery
  • Memoirs

What should my proposal consist of?

Your proposal should contain:

  • A comprehensive summary of the manuscript
  • A table of contents
  • Two to three sample chapters
  • A brief bio-data of the author/writer.
  • If you have sent your proposal to other publishing houses, please mention this and inform us as soon as your manuscript has been accepted by another publisher.

How do I send a proposal?

Please send your proposal as a soft copy, preferably as a MS Word document, via email. If you send us a hard copy, please retain a copy of the proposal as we will not be able to return any material submitted to us. At the initial stage, there is no need to send a complete manuscript. It is also not necessary to deliver your proposal in person.

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How long will it take to evaluate my proposal?

There are a lot of eager authors out there! Each and every submission that comes to us is valued and receives the same attention by our editorial team. With so many proposals and manuscripts to evaluate, the process takes some time. Do give us at least four to six weeks to respond (and refrain from reminding us before that!). You will be informed whether your proposal has/has not been accepted.

What is the next step?

Once we are done with the preliminary evaluation of the synopsis and sample chapters and we like what we see, you may be asked to send the entire manuscript. Please note that this does not mean the book has been accepted for publishing. The manuscript will be evaluated for its compatibility with our publishing programme, readability, competition, marketability and sales potential.

When will the terms be discussed?

Only when the manuscript is finally accepted for publishing, will there be a discussion on the terms and conditions. Prior to that, we do not give information on number of copies, pricing or marketing strategy and promotion.

Does Popular have an international presence?

Popular has had a long and fruitful association with Encyclopedia Britannica, Star Television, National Geographic and Discovery Channel which has ensured wide distribution of its books in India and abroad. A recent addition has been renowned international publishers DeAgostini.

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