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Ramdas Bhatkal

Mr. Ramdas Ganesh Bhatkal, is a founder and Managing Director of Popular Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. He holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the University Of Bombay and also holds a degree in law. He established Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd. in 1962, as an independent company concentrating on publishing in English and Marathi. In English, the Company published books in the field of social sciences based on a high level of academic research and an acute sense of social awareness.

In Marathi, the Company published books in the field of literature, history, music and social sciences. He visited USA on a State Department invitation in 1965 and USSR as a member of the first publishers' delegation from India in 1968. He has presided over the Marathi Prakashak Sammelan in 1986. He was elected as a president of the Bombay Booksellers and Publishers Association and the Federation of Indian Publishers. He was also elected as a Chairman of the Export Promotion Council for Books. Mr. Ramdas Bhatkal is the founder of the Company and holds a position of Managing Director in the Company. Although he is not actively involved in day to day affairs of the Company, his guidance and expertise is always sought after.


Books by Ramdas Bhatkal

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Alternative Strategies and India
Dr V N Shrikhande
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