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Mai Deshpande

Born and brought up in the land of saints, Marathwada, Mai Deshpande was trained in the culinary arts by some of the best gourmets in her household. It is this wealth of knowledge that Mai has put across in simple, layman words, bestowing her legacy onto another generation of young aspiring gourmets. Mai was an expert in creating tasty dishes from the most basic and rudimentary ingredients, or whatever was available at hand.

She penned this book in the twilight years of her life, retaining her zest to spread her knowledge well into her seventies. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to see her efforts reach fruition. Culinary Treasures of Marathwada is sure to hold innumerable aspiring gourmets in good stead, rendering Mai immortal through her work.


Books by Mai Deshpande

Culinary Treasures of Marathwada
Dr V N Shrikhande
in focus


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