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Turbulent Times : India 1940-44

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I hose momentous years in the history of the Indian Struggle, 1940-44 witnessed the emergence III the powerful mass movement - The Quit India Movement. A look at these crucial years not only the widening of the gulf between the colonial tnte and the sub-continent but also an awhreness of IIIency that was infused by the revolutionary spirit of the times. This book focuses on these "turbulent times". charting out different aspects of the period, The seven essays concentrate on a variety of hitherto unexplored themes and sketch a canvas against which the Quit India
Movement developed in Orissa.

Bengal and Bombay. They reveal the complex inter-play of a host of factors that shaped this Movement which not only undermined the hold of colonialism but also contested against the "internal" exploitative order of the princes. landlords and moneylenders. The nature of vcrowd' behaviour. the specificities of urban and rural responses and the social composition of the participants are discussed and analysed. In view is also an uncharted area of social! cultural history with which some of the most creative people of the times were associated. Certain untouched features, such as mass participation and resistance. the role of culture. 1942 as an underground movement are brought to light in this inclusive and well researched text.

Turbulent Times". is undoubtedly meant for the specialist as well as the non-specialist reader interested in Modem Indian history and politics. The range of the articles will appeal to social historians. political scientists and those interested in peasant studies and economic history.


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