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Tihaai - The Quintessence of Indian Percussive Arts

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The Tihaai is one of the most unique aspects of exposition in the Indian percussive art form of Tabla. Pronounced tee–haa–yee, it is a rhythmic composition comprising of three repetitions of a percussive phrase, usually with two optional but, if present, equal rest time periods in between. They appear in various segments of a conventional Tabla solo performance and add unique value in terms of rhythmic aesthetics to each of these segments. Tihaais are present in almost all fixed compositions such as Tukda, Mukhda, Paran, Chakradhar etc. Tihaais, either pre–composed or created extempore, are also observed in the presentation of expandable compositions such as the Peshkara, Kaida etc where they bring about a sense of completion to all the elaborations presented. Barring some exceptions such as Gaths, it is inconceivable to think of a fixed composition without a Tihaai. Tihaais adorn the compositions so well that they elicit spontaneous audience appreciation whenever they are played. Appreciation by the audience becomes more vocal whenever an interesting Tihaai is presented during a musical performance, be it vocal or instrumental. 


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