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The Magic Sapphire

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Abi Forbes' life is turned to topsy-turvy when she loses her father and her twin sister in an accident in UK and is sent off reluctantly to India to study in a remote Himalayan dance school. Initially, she finds it really hard to integrate herself in her new, unfamiliar surroundings but slowly starts making friends and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. During this journey, she is as tonished to find that her own origins are shrouded in mystery and myth. Abi now develops a steely determination to find out all she can about her mother and she, along with her best friend, look for clues and a magical gem that would help her achieve her goal. But the way to her mother is fraught with trouble - there's a dark stranger who keeps appearing in front of her - is he a friend is he a foe?


Abirami Forbes has numerous exciting adventures and mythical, magical creatures appear at every stage of her journey - some friendly and helpful and others dark and dangerous!


Read the Magic Sapphire and its sequel Seven Steps to Heaven to find out how she deals with them...

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Seven magical steps to heaven

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Priya Hunt

Priya worked for a global airline for several years and travelled extensively around the world- particularly Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific. She is now settled in UK with her husband Steve

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