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The Life and Times of Gora

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Mark Lindley, whose authoritative study of the first Gandhian economist, J.C. Kumarappa, has earned accolades in India and abroad, has now written the definitive biography of Gora (1902-1975), a social reformer whose thought and practice Mahatma Gandhi described as superior to his own.
Gora, though himself born high-caste, worked ceaselessly for the upliftment of the oppressed and for economic justice. He was an atheist, but a positive one who believed that men and women do not really need the support of religion to gain self-confidence and achieve social equality. Vinoba Bhave paid him the ultimate compliment of declaring publicly that he was a philosopher of the category of Adi Shankara.
Mark Lindley has put into rich historical context the saga of a remarkable man whose work has gone unsung by Indian historians.


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Mark Lindley

Prof. Mark Lindley, born in Washington DC, has taught at Universities in Western Europe, Turkey, India and China as well as the USA

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