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The Global Foodie

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Have you ever had a yen for something exotic to eat, a delicious, mouth-watering dish that has originated from some far corner of the globe? Well, now you don't have to travel miles to taste some of the most outlandish, yet flavoursome food! Just flip through media professional Aalok Wadhwa's cookbook

The Global Foodie and whip up some! Go for appetizers like Japanese Sushi Rice and Tempura, Lebanese Hummus and Pate Maison from France; soups such as Peanut Butter Chowder from the U.S. of A and Greek Egg and Lemon Soup; salads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main dishes (including Indian dishes like Cauliflower Tikka and the famous English Shepherd's Pie); bread and rice and not to forget, scrumptious desserts like the Jewish Kugel or noodle pudding and the Dutch Banket or almond pastry!

So, go for it, give your creations an international flavour! And the best part: over 90 recipes for an unbeatable price of just Rs.100!


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Popular Prakashan

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Soft Cover

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Aalok Wadhwa

Aalok Wadhwa is a publishing professional whose work has taken him to many a food heaven around the world.

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