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The Best of Epicure's Gujarati Cuisine

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"Gujrati cuisine has proved to the world that vegetarian food can be both delicious and complex in flavour. It effortlessly combines the sweet, sour, and spicy to create a range of exceptional dishes.

Gujrati methods of cooking cover the entire gamut of cooking techniques from the deep – fried to the steamed, affording a delightful mélange of tastes and textures all on one thali or platter., all courses being served at the same time in separate vati ( small bowls).
This collection of recipes is Asha Khatau’s way of showcasing the best of Gujrati cuisine, featuring traditional as well as more contemporary fare. You will see that cooking Gujrati food is not a time – consuming process. The key to cooking a successful Gujrati dish is to read the recipe very carefully before beginning, to be sure that you have all the ingredients at hand to use only the best and freshest ingredients."

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