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State and Society In India

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The essays included in this volume have emanated from the author's continuous and critical observation of social change after Independence.
As the sub-title of the book suggests, it is a critique pointing out the fallacies underlying the theoretical approaches adopted by the dominant scholarship in Social Sciences. The author is of the opinion that the scholarship in social sciences fail to confront the central issue germane to proper
understanding of the nature of the State and the type of Society that have been emerging in India after Independence.

Written from a historical materialist point of view, the book consists of three parts. In the first part entitled "Modernization : A Theoretical Critique"
the author examines the various approaches to Modernization especially in underdeveloped societies.

In the second part "The Welfare State and Public Protest" the author refutes the 'Concept of welfare State and critically examines the stand taken by
scholars and politicians with regard to the place of Public Protest in Parliamentary Democracy.

In the third part "Politics and Development in India: eed for a New Approach" the author emphasises the need for studying politics and development in
India from a historical materialist standpoint.


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A. R. Desai

Dr. A .R. Desai, former Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology, University of Bombay, won scholarly recognition with his book Social Background of Indian Nationalism first published in 1948.

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