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State Intervention And Popular Response Western India in the Nineteenth Century

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The Indian nation-state has sculpted its own identity over half a century to reflect a texture that is a merging of two cultures - the east and west, of a colonial past and an independent present. The creation of ethnic, religious and gender identities, forms of economic control, range of political expectations and notions of development -- are consequential 'issues that, at one level, take root within the colonial encounter.

This text which concentrates on Western India in the nineteenth century, is divided into three sections which concentrate on the spread and impact of western science, acculturation and its implications and new beginnings in a changing world.'

The manner in which scientific knowledge was sought to be disseminated, the need of science for industrial advancement as well as greater
empowerment and the actual ways in which it was appropriated by sections of the Indian population is a matter of important study. The dialectics of culture and control are explored by the reading of orientalism through an analysis of colonial institutions and museum collections. Cultural dissemination is studied by bringing to light the achievements of a little-known Parsi music club.The effect of famines, the abkaree legislation and the British liquor policy, the law of 'sedition' reflect overt forms of state intervention and popular response to it.

Resistance and change is portra politicization of the working class, so and the stress on the education of WOJ the non-brahmin movement.
Covering a wide canvas, the text understand historical complexity variety of perspectives, adopting methodological positions to provid insights into the history of this region opening new doors of enquiry.


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