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Sex Power

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Contents include Potency and Impotency - Technological revolution - Ignorance about sex Male myths - Fantasies about the penis - Myths about semen - Female myths Men and their sexual exploits - Myths are part of you - The fantasy model voltage - Sex is a learning process - Animals are driven to sex by their powerful instinct - Know your genitals Consistency of the semen and potency - Erection of the penis - Nervous Mechanism of ejaculation - To recapitulate Ignorance about female sexual organs - The female genital organs External genital organs - Internal genital organs - Pelvic exercises for close-fit sexual union - Female hormones and menstruation Menstrual myths - Oestrogen and progesterone - Composition of the pill -


Do"s and don"ts during a period - To recapitulate Growth of sexual awareness - Sexual arousal and erection in the male - Comparison of arousal and erection in the male - Comparison of arousal and erection mechanism - Regulatory or modulatory mechanism - Sexual response The touch of love - Erogenous zones - Language of the eyes - Heard melodies are sweet - Smell attracts or repels - Taste the beautiful - The sensual partner The anatomy and art of intimacy Orgasm in the male (ejaculation) Orgasm in the female Masturbation Prevention of impotence and frigidity in adult life How to prevent sexual inadequacy and perversion Impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity Impotence, its causes and treatment Premature ejaculation Frigidity (orgasmic dysfunction) Do you manhandle your partner?


Common topics on which you need enlightenment Integrating sex and love Muscular relaxation Erotic experiences Exercise Touching yourself - Exercise Pleasuring with a partner Please note that these books are imported from India and their quality and type of paper differs from American printed books


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