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Raajneeti: The Film & Beyond

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One of the things that you marvel at when you seen an intricate grand and beautifully woven Persian carpet or an exquisitely crafted French tapestry of the 15th Century is how well it has been realized. The normal instinct of a connoisseur of carpets and tapestries is to turn it over to look at The back to see how it has been put together; the finesse, technique and character of the weave. Similarly when you see a film that is both impressive and satisfying, you come away with a sense of curiosity os to how it was conceived, designed and made. Like with carpets, films too require the myriad talents, creative craftsmanship and dedicated labour of a large number of people. The time between the conception pf a film is a period of great creative ferment that manifests itself in a combination and mix of innumerable specializations and inspired work.


The book Raajneeti - The Film and Beyond is an attempt to deconstruct the whole process of how the idea of the film Raajnecti germinated in the mind of the director Prakash jha, and how it took root and was nurtured and conceptualised by the writer and collaborator Anjum Rajabali. taking us through the various stages of planning. designing and drafting the structure of the narrative, working out the logic of the characters, their characterization, their motivations that would serve as engines in driving the story forward and fleshing it out in terms of space and time.



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