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Positive Thinking for Positive Living

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The Book talks about how positive ideas will take you as far as you want to go, how a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) can help you achieve Greater Health, Happiness and Success! The book talks about how some people become leaders while others remain followers. Only because they are motivated by positive emotions like optimism and goal achievement.


The people who become leaders FEEL a driving need to excel. They FOCUS on tasks that will bring them success. They BELIEVE in doing tasks that will bring specific rewards. Our emotions are closely linked to motivation. Underachievers concentrate on the negative and their only motivation is to avoid failure. This leads to stagnation and failure. The author teaches us how to take that leap which divides the losers from the winners in this amazing book.


Learn About: The Essence of Motivation; Positive Emotions for Leadership; What is Professional Selling; Choose Positive Words; Negativism at Home and at School; The Dynamism of Positive Emotions amongst other things.


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Popular Prakashan

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Soft Cover



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Hermann Karstein

Hermann Karstein, marketing consultant was born in West Germany. He came to India in 1938 and naturalized in 1953

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