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People Of India - Daman And Diu

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As part of the all-India project the ethnographic survey of Daman and Diu was taken up for the first time. Twenty-eight communities were identified and studied. Daman, one of the three Portuguese possessions on South Gujarat coastal strips, formed part of the country known as Lata which was one of the seven divisions of the Aparanta or Konkan Vishaya between second century B. C. to thirteenth century A. D. Diu, another Portuguese possession described as part of Saurashtra coastal belt, has been well known since Pauranic period as Jalandhar Kshetra and Mani Nagar which was under Yadavas lead by Krishna Vasudeva. It was known as one of the best sea-ports and naval base from 14th to 16th century A. D. The Portuguese rule of about 450 years apart, Daman and Diu has been part of Gujarat. The two territories were noted for their weaving, dyeing and trade with the Middle East countries. Both Daman and Diu enjoyed a significant position for their docks, ship-building yards and trade of cotton fabrics, opium and the unique art of turtle-shell craft developed during Portuguese regime. The communities studied under the project, include the fisherfolk, tribals, peasants, traders, weavers, salt-makers and labourers.


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