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Of Development Amidst Fragnity

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This book evaluates the impact of a proposed mega industrial port in one of the three notified ecologically fragile regions of the country. The
analysis is located within the broader context of the prevailing dominant development paradigm that equates industrialisation with 'progress', agriculture with 'backwardness' and mega-projects with 'growth'.

The book attempts to construct a new methodology in the context of an alternate cost-benefit analysis that incorporates resources and benefits at the societal level. The analysis encompasses various interlinked issues including production patterns and systems, and the achieved extent of economic viability and self-sufficiency which would be destroyed by the mega 'developmental' project; the priorities of infrastructural investment in relation to the primary needs of the people; an economic evaluation of whether a new port is needed at all in the context of the level of utilisation of existing capacities; an examination of the various national and multinational agencies involved in the project; investigation through detailed fieldwork of the economic, environmental, social, cultural, tribal and gender impacts of the proposed port at Dahanu.

The debate centres on the translation and manifestation of macro policies at the micro level in relation to the fulfilment of societal objectives
in a situation of globilisation,as well as the reality of existence of people and the availability and optimal utilisation of both national and natural resources within the paradigm of sustainable development.

The issue of debate consequently, is not development versus environment, but a pattern of development that centers on the needs of
people, the availability of resources and the optimal utilisation of capital in the concrete reality of underdevelopment.


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