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Non Vegetarian Chinese Cooking

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Chinese food has become so much a part of the Indian culinary scene that one would be forgiven for thinking of it as just another one of India’s many regional foods. We have so adapted Chinese cuisine to suit our Indian palates, as to make it practically unrecognisable in the land of its origin, creating in the process a whole new cuisine which has gained popularity the world over as “Indian Chinese”!

This new book attempts to give you an experience of authentic Chinese cuisine from the many different regions of China, and includes some of our popular Indian versions as well. Like India, China’s vast lands are host to many different cultures and food styles, such as the bland but flavourful cuisine of the Cantonese region, home of dim sum; or the red cooking of Shanghai, considered the gastronomical capital of China. But the Chinese
cuisines most similar to our own Indian Chinese versions are from the Sichuan and Hunan regions. Sichuan dishes like Sichuan Eggplants, are characterised by a liberal use of ginger, garlic and Sichuan pepper, which is neither a peppercorn, nor a chilli, but a berry and cousin of our own “tirphal”. The food of the Hunan region with its hot and sour flavours and use of chillies also finds great resonance in India. Underlying the regional differences, however, is a philosophy of food, which is the unifying element in all Chinese cooking. Foods have been classified into Yin (cooling foods) and Yang (hot foods).



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Sanjeev Kapoor, Celebrity Chef, ‘Best Chef of India’ award by the Government of India.

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