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Myth and Reality

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Myth and Reality is an enduring classic of anthropological-historical scholarship. It is based on a critical study of various source material including, literary texts, megaliths, microliths, rustic superstitions and peasant customs. Kosambi’s unique interpretation of the data on Karle caves, the background of Kalidasa’s plays, the significance of the great Pandharpur pilgrimage and the economic, cultural and historical basis of the Goan struggle for reunion with India, casts a fresh light on the origins and development of Indian culture. By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, Kosambi’s masterly analysis is logically consistent and profoundly stimulating for all those interested in the field of Indian history and its writing.


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D. D. Kosambi

Kosambi was a Marxist historian specializing in ancient India who employed the historical materialist approach in his work

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