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Kadai Cooking

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The Kadai is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment which is found in every Indian home. Used for deep-frying, stir-frying, steaming or cooking foods with minimum water and oil, no kitchen would be complete without a well-used kadai.With its round bottom and sloping sides it is similar to the Chinese wok and the Northwest Frontier balti of recent fame. Made of cast iron, a metal that retains and evenly distributes heat, the kadai is particularly useful for stir-frying dishes over high heat (bhuna) and for cooking foods which can cook in their own juices or in thick gravies. So ubiquitous is its use in North India that a whole new method of cooking has developed around the kadai, making kadai cooking a specialised form of Indian cooking. Here are some tips for successful kadai-cooking. Buy a kadai made of cast–iron, carbon steel or thick aluminium. Non-stick kadais are also available. The bottom of the kadai should be much thicker than the sides.To season a new kadai, wash it out well with detergent. Heat the kadai over a high heat till smoking. Swirl around two tablespoons of oil around the entire inner surface. Remove from heat and carefully spread the oil over the inside surface of the kadai with a paper towel or pieces of muslin. Repeat the process a few times. Place a special metal ring on the gas stove meant to hold the kadai firmly in place while cooking. Use tongs or thick pot holders to handle a hot kadai. Food served directly from the kadai is not only hotter and more flavoursome, but also presents a delightful ethnic touch.Wash the kadai well after each use. While most of the recipes included in this book are from North India, where kadai-cooking is a fine art, I have included recipes from across our culinary diverse country, where the kadai also has a special place. However, I have not included recipes for deep-frying as, for the purposes of this book, kadai-cooking implies cooking with minimum liquid and fat. There are recipes in here for every course in a meal from spicy snacks and starters through vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses to desserts. As usual, every recipe has been tried and tested to perfection and serves four persons.I hope you will enjoy this book and create many happy meals for yourself and your family with this multi-purpose utensil!


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