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Is the future in our hands?

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Description :

In an age of rapid change and turbulence, this book brings direction and hope. Universal laws are dynamic and all-embracing, not theoretical. The Light of God is actual, not conceptual. "Is the future in our hands?" gives people a first- hand view of both. People can be happy. The world can become a better place.

Written by a neuroscientist who has considerable experience with Sukyo Mahikari, the book introduces an approach towards positive change that is powerful, practical and academically credible.

This book isa must for:
•    Those who want to help build a peaceful world
•    Those who seek God and want to overcome the barriers between religions
•    Health professionals interested in the promotion of whole person medicine
•    Educators concerned about solving problems in schools
•    Business people looking for a future of sustainable economics
•    Those who care about the environment and the future


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Popular Prakashan



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Soft Cover



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