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Indian Poetics

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A Treatise On Poetics, Winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award. A student of literary aesthetics has to be a both a literary critic and a rasika, an ardent fan. Otherwise his studies are bound to be dry, academic exercises. Dr. Deshpande had a sharp critical faculty combined with a poetic sensibility. He was also a master of classical Sanskrit philosophy, aesthetics and literature. This gives his analysis a depth and an innovation which will delight the reader.

This book deals with different schools of thought on poetics and its concepts. These concepts are very relevant in contemporary studies in literarture. This work was so far available in Marathi and in a Hindi translation. Now it is available in English, thanks to the painstaking efforts of Prof. Jayant Paranjape.


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Popular Prakashan



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Hard Cover



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Dr. G T Deshpande

Dr. G T Deshpande acclaimed works have never bored readers with rhetoric but invited readers on a journey of discovery.

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