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Healing With Food

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Today, more and more people are falling prey to various chronic conditions related to stress and a modern life-style. This is true not only in the corporate world, but people everywhere. These life-style issues coupled with unhealthy food and eating play a major role in the nation’s most common killers-coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes and some cancers. Proper nutrition has always has taken the subject to the next level. She believes and explains that food can rejuvenate, heal and restore health in a sick person. The purpose of Healing with food is to tell us how our lives can be influenced, from sickness and ill health. Food has finally begun to be recognized as an important healing force. The book on nutrition will be welcomed by millions who are looking forward to definitive information on preventive health care through appropriate food habits as a therapy.

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Dr. Anjali Mukerjee

Dr. Anjali Mukerjee is a name synonymous with health and nutrition and also a well-known columnist on health and nutrition.

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