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From Beginner To Chef - Simply Creative Cooking

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Ask any celebrity to name a favourite dish and invariably it will be Ma’s sheer korma, Dadi’s Khichdi, Nani’s Dum Aloo, favoured over exotic 5-star meals. Because within families love and laughter flavour meals in ways no chef can.

From Beginner To Chef gives you a peak into Nishat Pestonji’s family kitchen, where the simplest recipes become the building blocks for creative, more accomplished fare. A book for every novice in the kitchen, who aspires to turn out interesting meals for the family, and born of imagination and served with confidence and flair.


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Popular Prakashan

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Soft Cover

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Nishat Pestonji

An efficient home-maker, she takes pride in being the perfect host, with an ever-ready kitchen to serve unexpected guests.

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