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Drinks and Mocktails

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There is nothing as refreshing and delightful as sipping an ice-cold drink from a beautifully
shaped glass, garnished with a slice of luscious fruit, ice cubes clinking against the crystal. And
what can be more heavenly than the sensuous feeling of a smooth rivulet sliding down a parched
throat. Whether steaming hot or chilled, a drink made to perfection can serve as the opening act to a scintillating experience about to unfold, or bring a wonderful event to a comforting close.
There was a time when drinks were mere thirst quenchers or daily doses of liquid nourishment.
Today, however, mundane is out and exotic is in. Pallid lassis turn up in fruity hues, coffee takes on
a ‘mucho mocha’ attitude and naïve milkshakes begin to blush! Health drinks today appear as
smoothies, ‘golas’ as granitas and carbonated drinks as fizzes! All one needs is a little imagination
to create wonderful liquid experiences for oneself and one’s family and friends.
I have put together a number of my favourite drinks and mocktails in what I am sure you will find a delightful and memorable collection of recipes. I have included a variety of beverages from the
simple to the sophisticated, and from the familiar to the extraordinary. I have also made suggestions on how best to present the drinks to your guests – for as you know appearance is everything! Cheers!


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Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor, Celebrity Chef, ‘Best Chef of India’ award by the Government of India.

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