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Dear Prophet

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Dear Prophet-A Woman's Story by debut fiction author Ali Ansari is a Muslim woman’s story and her reflections on the existential questions, “the meaning of a woman’s life and the meaning of meaning”. In her letters to the founder of her religion, the Prophet Mohammed, the panorama of her life and that of her young son, Hamid unfold. Hamid is missing and while Zarina searches for him she is also looking to understand many things. The narration describe a convoluted chain of events as they move from India to Germany, Lebanon and the United States, ending up in Colorado, where Hamid undergoes the transformation. A page-turner that is intriguing and philosophical at the same time, the story ends in a remarkable set of events as both Hamid and Zarina, in their separate ways, reach a final bend that brings into sight the destination each had sought without knowing it. 

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Popular Prakashan

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Ali Ansari

Ali Ansari the founder of “Engineers Without Borders – India”.

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