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Chill Out! - Summer Eats & Treats

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This summer picture yourself relaxing at a pool-side with a tall glass of ice cold Ginger Lemonade. Or sprawled on the grass in the shade of a tree with a Double-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream dribbling deliciously down your chin, or curled up in your favourite chair with the air-conditioner blowing wintry gusts of air over your Melon Ball Salad. Sweltering heat is not the only thing summer has to offer!

This the season to unwind and relax, away from the scorching heat and in the cool comforts of your home. It’s also a time for picnics with family and friends! Pack yourselves a basket of cool summer snacks such as Red Coleslaw in Pita Pockets and Pinwheel Sandwiches and head for the nearest body of water. Take the heat out of your summer entertaining and serve up a gourmet spread at your summer soirée: chilled Gazpacho, ice-n-spice Paani Puri and crunchy Classic Greek Salad. Deliciously golden Mango Cheesecake will bring the evening to a close on a sweet summery note.
So, chill out this summer with these oh so cool tempting treats! And trust me, every swallow will make your summer!


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Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor, Celebrity Chef, ‘Best Chef of India’ award by the Government of India.

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