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Animals in the Desert

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HAVE FUN WITH GEOGRAPHY! Popular Prakashan proudly presents eight titles of Giocageo sticker book series. The books will immediately transport children to different environments around the Earth, from icy polar regions to the grassy savannahs, sharing the characteristics and the fauna found in that environment. The eight exciting titles are – 1. Animals in the desert. 2. Animals in the woods. 3. Animals in the savannah. 4. Animals in the ice. 5. Animals in the forest. 6. Animals in the mountains. 7. Animals in the sea. 8. Animals in the ponds and rivers. Features: • A beautiful ‘atlas’ of the different environments in the nature. • Rich in thematic pages to learn about the features. • Habits and peculiarities of the animals found in different environments. • Discovering the animals of particular environment using a lot of attractive stickers. • Core knowledge conveyed with stunning photographs and well designed graphic and text features. • Lots of grey silhouettes on the pages, to discover and recognize the animal and stick the proper stickers given with the book. • Helpful for project works as per the curriculum of schools. • Helpful in making children aware of different animals from the animal kingdom and about their habitats. • Quality content you can trust from authoritative sources.


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