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A Family Guide to HIV and AIDS in India

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Many of us think that HIV and AIDS are the problems of the West, not India. We have also come to believe that only the ‘high risk groups’ popularly defined as IV drug users, homosexuals and sex workers are endangered by AIDS. The fact is that worldwide, more and more people are contracting HIV from casual heterosexual sex than from sharing dirty needles or homosexual sex.


There is an urgent need to understand how HIV is spread, both sexually and through blood and blood products, so that all of us, wife, husband, lover, friend, children and the people we care about, can protect ourselves. This book is precisely aimed at spreading this awareness and at the same time, busting the many myths about HIV and AIDS that abound.


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Clive Wing

Clive Wing is an internationally prominent AIDS activist

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Shankar Chowdhury

Shankar Chowdhury an eminent physician and pioneer of AIDS research in India at the AIIMS, Delhi.

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