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Twice Written

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It is Bombay of the early eighties: abundant, greasy and alive. Bombay - where geographical, cultural and historical lines intersect in multiple ways. Bombay - where the self struggles to find its being.


Pralahad, Laila and Ananya, three young people caught in a triangular web of connections, meet Dorai, known as God to his friends. A writer with the exceptional ability to ' rewrite lives', Dorai sets himself the task of writing the stories of unrequited love, fragemented histories and possible destinies. As in a palimpsest, superimposing one register on another, Dorai sets off Pralahad, Laila and Ananya in the search for meaning and purpose to their lives.


Will Dorai's text fully determine the fate of Pralahad, Laila and Ananya or will they find some of their own resolution?

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K. Sridhar

K. Sridhar research is in the area of High Energy Physics where he has published widely and has presented several talks and lectures, both at technical and popular levels.

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