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The Skoda Prize Twenty 2011-2012

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The SKODA Prize is one of the largest and most prestigious award on the Indian visual arts scene. It recognises cutting-edge work demonstrating vision, innovation, and a mature understanding of material and form. The Prize brings to public notice exciting trends in contemporary art, highlighting the output of established mid-career artists, as well as new voices.

The Skoda Prize 2011: for Indian Contemporary Art, the second year for The Skoda Prize has a fantastic line up of artists under the age of 45 and their outstanding entries. The Skoda Prize is not only about establishing new talent and fresh perspectives; it is also about recording an entire year in the evolution of contemporary Indian art.

The art catalogue that features twenty artists and their work, has text composed by Zeenat Nagree, the layout designed by Mishta Roy and published by Popular Prakashan.

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Skoda proze 2011-12

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