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Seven magical steps to heaven

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Abi forbe's life has been never busier. Preparing for sun dance festival in Konark is a challenging enough task - but added to that, Abi also want to find a way to get to heaven, to see her celestial mother. Abi's second year in Gurukul is a rollercoster ride- prepared with spectacular dance performances, audiences with the gods,talking animals, dangerous dacotis,dark forest and various creatures of myth and magic that lie within. As ever, Abi is joined in her adventures by her best friend Sumathy and a number of others - some new, some old, some friendly and some not so friendly. 

Will she succed in finding her way up the seven magic steps that will take her to heaven to meet her mother? Or will the mysterious green-eyed demon get her way again? Will the magic sapphire lead her to her most cherised goal? Read on to find out how Abi Forbes deal with the thrills, chills and tears that comes her way this year. 


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Priya Hunt

Priya worked for a global airline for several years and travelled extensively around the world- particularly Africa, Middle East & Asia Pacific. She is now settled in UK with her husband Steve

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