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Planet Gastronomy 100 Most Popular Global Recipes

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‘We live to eat’ goes the popular saying. Who does not like to have good food? I always dreamt of relishing at my home, some of the most wonderful dishes which the world is savouring.

My frequent travels across the globe took me to the various continents, and enabled me to try the authentic local cuisine and reproduce that special taste the inhabitants love.

This book enables you to prepare and enjoy the French croissant for breakfast; relish a Thai lunch (green curry and rice); relax when the dusk befalls having Indian tea (chai) and pastry (samosas); ending the day with a Moroccan dinner (tagine). Needless to mention, concluding the treat with the brilliant Italian dessert Tiramisu will make the memories of the day satisfying and sweet.
Planet Gastronomy - 100 Most Popular Global Recipes will help all food lovers with a penchant for trying their hand at testing and tasting the world’s best dishes. Make and enjoy the delectable delicacies which the world is drooling over.

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